0845 – 0900
Welcome Address

Theme: Empowering Youth for Water & Energy Sustainability

This Youth Forum is a dynamic platform that aims to empower young individuals in creating a sustainable future for our planet. It will focus on the importance of engaging and empowering young people in initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable practices in the fields of water and energy. It will also allow us to explore the critical role of youth in addressing the global challenges of water scarcity, energy conservation, and climate change, specific to the GCC region.
This Forum will illustrate the unique position of young professionals as they navigate and lead the complex landscape of sustainability. It will explore how youth, with their energy, passion and unique perspective, act as catalysts for innovative solutions.

Hafedh Al Qassab

Acting Deputy Chief Executive - Operations
BMP Project Director


0900 – 1000
Technical Session

Theme: Success Stories on the Impact of Youth In Water & Energy Sustainability

Success stories are common; it is noted as a narrative of an achieved success through hard work, dedication and determination in achieving a goal that creates visibility, credibility and clarity to others to get inspired and take action. By Exploring success stories and highlighting the profound impact of youth in achieving water and energy sustainability; this session aims to inspire and empower others to take meaningful action towards ensuring a sustainable future for water and energy resources.
The audience will gain valuable knowledge and learning opportunities, including an understanding of the transformative potential of youth-led initiatives, practical strategies for implementing sustainable solutions, and the importance of fostering youth empowerment for a more sustainable future.


Dr. Abdulrahman Al Suhaibani

Senior Research Engineer



Dr. Muhammad Wakil Shahzad

Senior Lecturer - Mechanical & Construction Engineering

Northumbria University, UK

Zaid Mohammed Binhazzaa

Sustainability Specialist


Maram Al Sabbagh

Environmental Coordinator


1000 – 1030
Tea/Coffee Break

1030 – 1230
Youth – Leaders Dialogue

Theme: Unearthing Potential in Advancing Water & Energy Sustainability

In this energetic youth-leaders dialogue, we aim to bridge the gap between young visionaries and seasoned water and energy sustainability leaders. Comprising eight panelists—four youth and four leaders—this session will serve as a platform for engaging dialogue and vibrant debate on unearthing potential for progress in these crucial sectors. In this two-hour interactive session, our panelists, guided by an experienced moderator, will engage in a lively discussion and debate. This format encourages a fluid exchange of ideas, thoughts, and viewpoints between our young panelists and leaders, fostering a dynamic and insightful conversation that brings youthful innovation and established wisdom to the forefront.


Suhaib Marwan Kaki

SYLC Board Member & Process Safety Manager



Razan Bucheeri

Legal Researcher
Supreme Council for Environment

Kingdom of Bahrain

Tatenda Phiri

Future Energy Leader & Standing Committee Member

World Energy Council

Mohammed Al Noaimi

Valuation & Structuring Specialist


Turki Al Enezi

Environment Engineer



Mustafa Al Shehri

Director – Sustainability & ESG


Ali Buhaji

Head, Development & Investment (MENA)


Suha Al Saif

Sustainability Director


Nabil Al Lawati

Head Corporate Environment


1230 - 1330
Prayer & Lunch Break

1330 – 1415
Youth Panel Discussion

Theme: Challenges for the Youth in Advocating Water & Energy Sustainability

This panel will provide a platform for young professionals to share their experiences and perspectives on the challenges they face in advocating for sustainability in the areas of water and energy. The discussion will focus on the various obstacles that youth encounter in their efforts to promote sustainable practices (i.e. lack of resources, limited access to information, and difficulty in engaging with decision-makers). The panelists will also discuss potential solutions and strategies for overcoming these challenges, as well as the critical role that youth advocacy plays in achieving sustainable development goals. The panel discussion is an excellent opportunity for young people to connect with their peers, exchange ideas, and contribute to the larger conversation on sustainability and climate change.


Mohammed Ghassan

Environmental Specialist



Dr. Faisal Al Otaibi

Chief Technologist Oil & Gas Treatment R&D Div.


Amal Al Derazi

Environmental Engineer


Ahmed Janahi

Deputy CEO – Al Dur 2

ACWA Power

Saleh Al Jateli

A/ Manager Technical Services


1415 – 1500
Youth Interactive Panel

Theme: Role of Youth in Water & Energy Sustainability

This interactive panel discussion offers a dynamic platform for exploring youth’s crucial role in water and energy sustainability. With a focus on audience engagement, our panel of four youthful experts will answer questions directly from the attendees, promoting an open dialogue about the unique responsibilities, opportunities, and impacts of young individuals in these sectors. In this 45-minute interactive session, our panelists, guided by an experienced moderator, will field questions live from the audience. This format encourages active audience participation, fostering a lively and informative conversation that draws from our panelists’ unique experiences and insights.


Rawan Al Ghamdi

IKTVA Officer



Khalifa Al Khalifa

Environmental Specialist


Dr. Ibraheem Al Mansouri

Director of Engineering


Tatenda Phiri

Future Energy Leader & Standing Committee Member

World Energy Council

Neeraj Kuldeep

Senior Programme Lead